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February 1 @ 7pm Atlantic (6pm Eastern)

We know you’ve been drug through the mud. We’ve been thinking of this for a long time and there has NEVER been a bigger need than right now with the current stresses on the Healthcarers. Be fearful and do it anyway.

The need for Heal the Healthcarers came to the forefront in 2020 during the Covid 19 crisis. 


Creating an environment where Healthcarers have a space to share and heal collectively with colleagues who have similar experiences.

  • We have a place: You get to choose your own journey. 
  • We have a map: You get to use it. We have a compass: You get to follow it.
  • We have a trail: You get to walk it. 
  • We are passionate about bringing light into darkness: You get to carry it.
  • We are skilled at packing the backpack: You get to use it.

A Program That Is Focused On Healing

H: Healing looks different for each person. There are 5 different trails you can follow

E: Environment – Virtual and optional in-person pathways have been created for you to journey down.

A: Access – You are a Healthcarer who wants resilience. You are hiking the path everyday at your healthcare job. You are needing to heal yourself from the trauma, the burnout, the compassion fatigue

L: Light – You are holding the lamp. We can shine light on your path.

Equipping the hearts, souls, minds of our healthcarer heroes

FREE Webinar

February 1 @7pm Atlantic Time (6pm EST)

40 Days

of Self-Care

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